ESI events will take place in different locations around the globe and each location is being referred to as an ESI Hub.  At this early stage we have the following hubs.


The Griffith Criminology Institute, with assistance from ProActive ReSolutions is the ESI’s coordinating node.   


The Global Risk Governance Programme at the University of Cape Town is home to the ESI node in Cape Town.


The ESI node in Glasgow is headed by Julie Berg at the Scottish Centre for Crime & Justice Research.


Marleen Easton who directs the ‘Governing & Policing Security’ Research group at Ghent University heads up the ESI node in Ghent.

ESI@SYD – ProActive

ProActive ReSolutions is the coordinating secretariat for the Evolving Securities Initiative.


The ESI node at UNSW is headed by Cameron Holley, whose research interests span from environmental law to collaborative governance.