THE NEW PLANET: with the advent of the Anthropocene, the new geological epoch caused by the Industrial Revolution and subsequent Climate Change, we’re experiencing an increased frequency and severity of catastrophic weather events, creating new and unforeseen harmscapes with implications for resilience at the individual, community, government and corporate levels.

THE NEW HUMAN: our third transformation is all about the new emerging Human Capacities, focussing on humans and their assemblages with other earthlings, what we refer to as techno-humans, whereby we physically converge with technologies and explore the new harmscapes brought about by this convergence.

THE NEW DIGITAL AGE: data streams that run through the digital networks, and the algorithms that analyse these masses of data, now constitute the information armature indispensable for the functioning of complex societies. The economic and social benefits of the Digital Revolution are accompanied by new harmscapes, new forms of delinquency and attacks against critical infrastructure.