Summary Remarks from Governance of Flow workshop, ESI@BNE 30 Apr – 01 May 2019

Let me turn first yesterday.  And in doing so let me start with a reflection on our seminar by Warwick that nicely, and succinctly, sums up much of what we have learnt over the course of yesterday: ‘In Ports’ he said, ‘there are a sh*t load of actors’.  And what this ‘sh*t load of actors’… Read More

Changing the world through Big Collaboration

Richard Hart in collaboration with Julie Berg   The ESI was founded on a recognition of the urgent imperative for immediate, coordinated responses amongst diverse global players to the 21st century harmscapes and associated security governance issues: The ESI is intended to foster a new level of collaboration amongst leading security professionals and academics in generating new thinking, new knowledge… Read More