Policing for the 21st Century: Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services

Whilst there appear to be multiple challenges facing an organisation like the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services, including a vast geography, limited resources, significant disadvantage in its communities and a distinct climate, their 2023 Strategy and their Five Strategic Priorities, at least in theory, indicate that Commissioner Reece Kershaw and his leadership team are thinking strategically and building a genuinely agile organisation.

In a world of new harmscapes brought about by climate change, combined with an unimaginable array of possible threats from the new digital world, the qualities that will make the difference between a secure and prepared community, and one that shows traits of fear and vulnerability, will include building community resilience, embracing diversity and building inclusion, making informed investments in people and systems, and becoming financially sustainable.  These are commendable priorities in any organisation but become essential in one looking to find its place in a crowded security market place.

The benefits of the Police Commissioner also being the Commissioner for Fire and Emergency Services, may be the result of size, but it has the advantage of coordination and agility. For those who know the Northern Territory, and for anyone interested in how Government works with its community to build and manage a secure and safe community, this initiative will be worth watching and supporting.  Their Strategy Document can be found under Strategy 2023 Strategic Plan.

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